The Football Season Cometh

The Florida Gators open up their season in less than a week, facing the Warriors of the great state(?) of Hawai’i. Here is my prediction for the game:
– Percy Harvin will sit out this first game, but he will not be needed. With Murph, Coop, and the vastly improved Carl Moore (who I am very interested in seeing in action) leading the way, and with solid receivers like Deonte Thompson and David Nelson thrown in the mix, the Gators should do fine against the less than formidable Hawai’i defense.
– The running back by committee will be a smashing success. I have never heard Urban Meyer so complimentary in his entire tenure at Florida. Moody is showing why he was a stud 5-star recruit, and the speedy combo of Rainey and Demps will be sure to break a few long runs. Lets not forget Mon Williams or K-Mo either.
– Tebow will be Tebow, but version 2.0. One of the things we will notice is that Tebow is putting more zip on his passes and should be a more polished pocket passer than he was a year ago. The offensive line will dominate, giving him ample time to throw.
– The defense will surprise some people. While Hawai’i will rack up some yards, the secondary will show great improvement from last year and we will get a first look at freshman Will Hill and what he can bring to the team. The line should be improved as well, with the Freak Carlos Dunlap reeking havok from the outside and several freshmen contributing in the middle.
– We will showcase the best return game in the country. Brandon James and Jeff Demps are quite possible the fastest returners to ever play at Florida (and the SEC?). It won’t be long before they take one to the house.

We will learn a lot about this team on Saturday, and I can’t wait! Go Gators!!

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